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Say Goodbye to Shame & Guilt

Say Hello to Joy, Ease & Abundance

What is YOUR #1 Fear holding you back?

We are inundated with a billion dollar industry that feeds us messages filled with squashing, crushing, conquering and ignoring our fears. From weightloss to wellness, profit to production - entire marketing campaigns are designed to speak directly to your fears and tell you why you need their product.

When we are faced with a big decision or a giant leap, we can get locked in analysis paralysis and if we let it fester, it turns into anxiety, stress, ulcers and digestive issues. 

But that's not what our fears are designed to do. Our fears are actually powerful risk assessment coordinators that work with our intuition to create dynamic, prosperous solutions to the challenges we face.

That's right - they are actually one of our best tools to create an incredibly stunning life. 

This revolutionary way of looking at our fears will rock everything you are told to believe. Years of knowing shame, guilt and fear of judgment has kept you on the safe side. But sometimes the safe side is the miserable side and it leaves you living a life that's not quite what you truly want it to be.

I've designed The Fear Force protocol to be incredibly simple. But first we have to re-examine how we absorb and distribute shame and judgment. We have to step outside this incredibly harmful path of self-limitation and dive into a new way of living. From there we can co-create with our fears in a safe, fun and liberating way that invites only abundance, prosperity, ease and joy. 

Learn How to say Goodbye to Shame, Guilt & Judgment

This program is designed for anyone who is done with shame, judgment and guilt that keeps them from living their dreams, reaching their goals or ever going after what they truly want. 

If you're ready to remove shame from your life, I will show you how and then the simple protocol for working with your fears that I use and my clients use every day to accomplish extraordinary magic in our lives and businesses.

Meet Marissa Loewen

Transformational Business Coach

Hello! I created The Fear Force from the intersection of my own experience and what I was seeing my transformational business coaching clients going through. We could read all of the upper limit, fear smashing, goal crushing books we could get our hands on. We signed up for ALLLL the free opt-ins and we delayed all of our great ideas because our fears were standing in front of our success.

Marissa Loewen

Transformational Business Coach

I started thinking about what my fears were actually doing. They were not trying to keep me still but they were trying to keep me safe and sometimes BIG LEAPS can be really safe - when we have all of the information we need. SO I started having some really great discussions with my fears and VOILA! Magic happened. I then started working on the protocol with clients and instead of going over the same fears over and over - anxieties were dropped, stress went down and for my business coaching clients - profits started skyrocketing!

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